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I can't see, now what?!

Q. I have done some open water events recently where the sun is just blinding. What is the best way to sight when I can't see the exit due to the sun?
James F.

A.  First I would say - do the Glow Swim - no sun to worry about at night. 

The real answer to this is prior prepardness. It is important to preview your swim course if at all possible. This will give you the oppotunity to find landmarks that will not be affected by the sun. Using the shore line to guage your distance from the next turn or whether you are swimming a straight line is a vital open water swimming tool. This also means you likely need to know how to breathe to both sides at least on occassion for sighting purposes. 

We recommend you do either a pre-swim (the day before) or warm-up swim (on race morning) and start from the exit point. Swim out to the last buoy if feasible and check the sight lines on the way back in. Find markers off to the sides so that you won't have to look directly into the sun. This also gives you a chance to test the footing at the swim exit so that you don't stand up too soon and you can avoid rocks or other debris that could cause problems on your exit. 

Coach Jay 


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