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Pups Program


Are you intimidated by a "Master's" practice?

"Those people are way too fast - I'm not ready"

"I have no idea what 10x100@1:30 means."

"What is a clock send-off?"

"Why would they tell me to buy a snorkel?"

If these are the thoughts running through your head - then our Pups Program is the place for you. 

This 6-week program is coached by our talented and experienced beginners coaching squad. The program is designed to start you from scratch and ease you into a comprehensive swim program and get you ready for the more endurance based practices of the main Peluso Open Water pool program or to train on your own.

All sessions are set up to provide the best opportunity for teaching and explaining in a low-key, low-stress, judgement-free zone. Just some of what yyou will learn:

  • How to read a practice
  • How to use the equipment
  • How to use the pace clock
  • Drill explanations; how and why to do them 
  • How to swim with others in a group

When you are done with the Pups Program you will BE ready and, just as important, FEEL ready to take the next step in your swim training with confidence.

Where: Collegiate School Aquatic Center 
 Next Session starts October 2, 2017: Mon, Wed, Fri 6-7am
Limit: 12-Participants

Fees: $199  


Meet the coaches Night


Still not sure- come to our "Meet the coaches Night" to get answers to all of your questions. 

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