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Punch Cards and Drop-Ins

Drop-In: $10 for Pool, $15 for Open Water

  • If you would like to try a practice you are welcome to do so as a drop-in. 
  • If you are not a USMS member you may drop-in for 30 days under the USMS 30-Day Waiver Policy. Please fill out the paper-registration form and bring it with you to practice.
  • Live 50-miles or more from Richmond but need a place to get in a workout while on the road? Bring in one of your team caps for our "Out of Towners Wall" and drop-in to a practice free of charge. We'll be happy to trade you one of ours. 

Punch Cards: $95

    • Each card is good for 10 pool workouts and can be used at your convenience. 
    • These can be purchased at the pool or on-line and picked up at CSAC. 
    • Please note that Punch-Cards are non-transferrable and may not be used for open water workouts.